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Amy and Jennifer ARE Seduced by Books. We’re both in our 30’s, moms, close friends, work together, and share many of the same interests including our love of reading. Amy grew up in Maryland and has been obsessed with Vampires for as long as she can remember. Jenn grew up in Florida and loves the furry, the fey, and the fangs, in that order. Currently we are both in Orlando, FL. When we can be pulled away from books, Amy loves to bake and Jenn loves to take pictures and scrap.
We decided to create a place where we could direct friends, and acquaintances for, book suggestions/recommendations (Jenn’s been known to talk to strangers on the train while traveling in NYC). Once we started out with a simple page, we evolved from there. Now we are sharing our book reviews, fun comments, recipes, and giveaways. We try to give reviews on new releases, pre-releases, and oldies but goodies that we read, or are reading. We’re going to be adding author interviews for established and up and coming authors soon.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Time for the Follow Friday and the HOP!

It's that time of week that we love - Follow Friday hosted by Parajunkee and the Blog Hop hosted by Crazy-for-Books. We love this time of week, it gives us a chance to check out new blogs and gives others a chance to come visit and meet us.  We try to follow everyone on the list and hope they come over and feel the desire to do the same...so you know the deal - check out the Follow Friday and the Blog Hop by following the links below.
See the list of Blogs, visit, follow, comment, and have fun.  If you comment us, you know we will follow you or are already following.

Parajunkee is featuring a great blog site - Between the Covers - LOVE THE NAME

The question this week is - - -

What is your reading suggestion this week?

From Jenn - I've been suggesting books to friends all week, so I'm gonna go with what I read this week.
Finished - Night Season (Eileen Wilks), When Blood Calls (J K Beck), The Missing (Shiloh Walker), Through the Veil (Shiloh Walker)
What's on deck this week - Mortal Sins (Eileen Wilks), Sunrise at Sunset (Jaz Primo), Blood Magic (Eileen Wilks), finish Speed Dating with the Dead (Scott Nicholson) and Crave (J R Ward)

From Amy - Wow, that's a good one, it's hard to suggest just one, you never know what people have read.  But I've got a good one - it's a little less mainstream and I find people haven't found it yet, but give it a try and you won't be mad you did :)  Dead End Dating by Kimberly Raye - it's the first in the series. 
I'm on vacation coming up this week, but I'm in process of reading Me, Myself and Why by Mary Janice Davidson. (got Scott Nicholson and Jaz Primo on my list, they will be visiting us soon)

Book Blogger Hop

Crazy for Books question this week is ---- (question suggested by The Paperback Princesses)

"When you read a book that you just can't get into, do you stick it out and keep reading or move to your next title?"

Ok, This is a REALLY good question.
Jenn - well I've tried and tried not to quit books, but with the growing to be read (TBR) list, I recently said, "Nope, not gonna do it" LOL - I give the book a BIG chance.  I jump right in, if it's a stand alone I expect to be sucked in a little quicker than a start of a series.  I give it time to set up the story and characters.  I don't have a specific stopping point where I say 'Ok I'm at 100 pages it's done' but I kind of look at where I am and how much I have left and keep chugging and if I can't do it...Close the book it is.  I think it's only happened 1 time, other times I'll finish the first book, and if it's in a series, I'll say, well, is it one more or just quit? I'll read the back cover of the next and think about it.  There's so much out there to read.  
Amy - I too usually try to stick it out, it could just be a slow starter and then you'd miss out on a really good book or series.  :)

Ok, now give us a comment - tell us your feelings on the 2 questions.  And visit the Follow Friday or Blog Hop and find some fun friends


  1. If the book is in a series and I wasn't thrilled with the first book, more than likely I won't bother reading the second one. It has only happened once and that was with Patricia Briggs Alpha and Omega series. Yeah, after reading the second one, I still don't like the series lol! I do, however LOVE her Mercy Thompson series...go figure :)

    Hop on by! :D

  2. Hopping back at ya! Following now.

  3. First of all I love the tree in the background :) Adore it!

    Second, thanks for Stopping by.

    Third, I really agree with you. The TBR pile is too huge to read bad books. There are just too many awesome ones to get too!

    Fourth, I'm a new follower.

    Fifth, have a hopping great Weekend.

    Black Disaster Fairy

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog I really appreciate it. I'm also following you now. Have a great day.

  5. Happy Hopping! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have a hard time quitting something that I've received for review, but I might be doing it more.

  6. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Today is my first ever hop. Loving it! I'm following you in return. I'll definitely be back. Have a great weekend!

  7. Hi guys...great blog, thanks for stopping by and Im following you now as well..:D

    I would suggest for this week Bruiser by Neal Shusterman....

  8. I am hopping in for the blog hop. I'm a follower, too!

    I hate not finishing books, so I give them a 150 pages to get me hooked. If they don't, I save them for another day.

    If you have time, drop in and say hi at Manga Maniac Cafe

  9. Depends on how badly I dislike the book. If I can find some redeeming qualities, I try to stick it out but if it's crawling by cause I can only read a page or two at a time, I move on.

    I haven't heard of 'Dead End Dating' but I'm always on the look out for a good series. I'll have to check it out.

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    Hafsah @ IceyBooks

  11. Hiiiii thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you back :D
    Love your background. The tree and moon looks so beautiful!
    Can't say I've read any of those books yet but I'll certainly put them in my TBR.
    This blog hoppity seems really cool. I give up after first couple of chapters, if I don't like it. lols.

  12. Hey There! hope that you are having a fun filled weekend so far! Crave I hear is great, and I love Ward's other series!!!

    Feel free to come on over to my place at Addicted To Romance

    Happy Reading!

  13. Great book suggestions!

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  18. Happy Friday!
    I'm visiting you for the 18 & Over Tag Along. I always enjoy your blog.

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  19. Really enjoyed reading the list of favorites and spent too much time following links and recommends. :D

  20. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Great book suggestions, there should be some kind of book lottery for us book lovers- a life time supply of free and awesome books!

  21. Just hoppin' on by to say "Hi!"
    I loved Through the Veil and am about to start on Crave after I finish re-reading Destined for an Early Grave.
    Happy reading this weekend!
    New follower too!

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  23. Some really great recommendations - thankyou!

  24. Happy Follow Friday!!! Hope you will stop by my blog too! My publisher and I are looking for a group of bloggers for a huge blog tour next year before the release of book two in my 'A Sense of Truth' series! We will be giving out a few more copies of The Thirteenth Chime (we can only give out so many, being open to e-books gives an upper hand) and are still open to all interviews and guest posts. We want to fill up the Amazon page with reviews and try to reach as many people as we can!!! Hope you might consider being a part of the team! Thank you either way!

    Emma Michaels

  25. Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is great =) I wish I could stop if I didn't like something, but I can't! Even if I hated the fist book in a series I will continue to read them until I've finished the last one! Lol I can't help it =)

    Have a great weekend!

  26. I am afraid I only give a book 50 pages to grab me.

    enjoy ur weekend!


  27. Happy HOP! Must times for me its about what mood I'm in and timing. If i'm not feeling the book and I've given it a chance, I stop with the hope that some time later I'll read it. I try to keep my reading enjoyable :) Hope you have a super fun weekend !

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  29. Thank you for visiting... I am getting better at not giving into the guilt of not finishing a book. Its tough, but life is too short.

  30. New follower here :)

    I'm currently having the 'series' problem with The Search for Wondla. Do I read the next book? Is it worth it? *sigh*

    Thanks for the recommendation list too!
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  31. Thanks for hopping by my blog! I will definitely have to check out some of your recommendations--they sound great!

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  33. Great blog! Nice to have met you through the HOP!

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  39. Just stopping by to see what you two are up, thanks for the latest round of reading suggestions!