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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Deceived by the Others by Jess Haines

Deceived By The Others (H&W Investigations)Shiarra's relationship with sexy werewolf Chaz is somewhat unconventional. Still, after a few bumps, Shia is ready to get serious. That means meeting family - or in this case, bringing Chaz's entire werewolf pack along for a rollicking full-moon weekend in the Catskills. Soon after they arrive, threatening notes appear, warning Chaz to go home. Then, their cabin is ransacked. Shia starts digging to find out whether it's the work of teenaged werewolves or something more sinister. As rumours about her vampire connections arouse the pack's hostility, Shia has to contend with other, potentially fatal dangers.(courtesy of Amazon)

Can I just say BRAVO!

Haines had me eating out of her hand in this book – I was engrossed in Shia’s emotions throughout the whole book.  It took me a day to come back to reality and I’m still not over it 100%. 

Haines has given us Shia – a Private investigator that reluctantly gets wrapped up in the world of the Others.  In Hunted by the Others (Book 1) Shia is forced in to the others as she’s being ‘hunted’ and she wants nothing to do with them – she just recently dumped her boyfriend when she found out he was a Were.  In Taken by the Others (Book 2) Shia struggles with her relationship with the Others including her on/off boyfriend Chaz (the Were), and is ‘taken’ against her will.  All the while, as I’m usually furry-friendly, I can’t help rooting for the Vamp in this series.  Haines gives me Alex Royce – I’m immediately connected to him – I don’t know how Haines does it, but she did! 
After finishing Taken – I only hope for more of Royce – so imagine my shock as we start Book 3 – Deceived by the Others – and Shia is working things out with Chaz…….

But some how Haines gets me pulling for Chaz – I’m so wrapped up in Shia’s emotions and I’m riding along as she battles some one out to kill them.  And then, just as Shia – I’m completely smacked in the face – I couldn’t believe it – and I couldn’t put the book down to stop.  I had to finish – started it that night and didn’t go to bed until I was done! Finally, I’m dying for the next book – I have to know where she’s going.  Haines is giving Shia the tough girl attitude and now I want to see where it leads her.  Let alone all the drama that is yet to come. 

So I say again – BRAVO Jess Haines – keep H&W Investigations in business and give us book 4 :) 
6 slices

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Siege of Darkness by J W Baccaro

Siege of Darkness [Guardian of the Seventh Realm Book 2]Tragedy strikes Zithel, and the city of monks goes up in flames. The Earth-Wizard Mazarian has disappeared, and the army of Asgoth has taken back the Wizard Crystals of the Elements, ready to deliver them into the hands of their master: the Demon Lord Abaddon, where they will be corrupted and used against the very elements they were created to protect, deforming the world to a blackened void. As Darshun Luthais—the chosen Guardian of earth—emerges from the mystical Shajin Island, having completed his training, ready to combat the forces of evil, he not only finds himself in the center of this chaos, but is also torn in different directions. Part of him longs to obey the wisdom of the Elders by relocating the crystals and fleeing Asgoth, while his Nasharin nature thirsts for battle, eager to take on the many trials that stand in his way, keeping him from what he desires most, challenging Abaddon, the ultimate terror. (courtesy of amazon)

Siege of Darkness is book 2 in the Guardian of the Seventh Realm series.  Jason Baccaro writes this series like an old pro.  

Powerful read - mega battles as Darshun struggles to fight being taken over by the Dark...Dar is a cocky warrior, but as much as he is cocky, he's smart and calculating, and a little lucky.  Returning to find things not as they were, he's captured.  Held captive with a new friend, Kelarin (part Elf), Dar learns more about his past and his biological father.  There's a reason Dar has been picked as Guardian, and as much as he fights the title, he kicks ass in combat.  We're in a war - prepare to be defeated!   Dar and his crew against the Demon lord and his gang...I'm betting on Dar.   

Baccaro keeps the action enthralling and purposeful.  As Dar grows the story is morphing right along with him.  There's no over done descriptions in this series.  I'm looking forward to Book 3 (The Coming of the Light) - I've seen the cover art (gorgeous), and know that Kelarin has to play a major role. Bring it on!

4 Slices

Deeper Than Midnight by Lara Adrian

At eighteen, Corinne Bishop was a beautiful, spirited young woman living a life of privilege as the adopted daughter of a wealthy family. Her world changed in an instant when she was stolen away and held prisoner by the malevolent vampire Dragos. After many years of captivity and torment, Corinne is rescued by the Order, a cadre of vampire warriors embroiled in a war against Dragos and his followers. Her innocence taken, Corinne has lost a piece of her heart as well—the one thing that gave her hope during her imprisonment, and the only thing that matters to her now that she is free.

Assigned to safeguard Corinne on her trip home is a formidable golden-eyed Breed male called Hunter. Once Dragos’s most deadly assassin, Hunter now works for the Order, and he’s hell-bent on making Dragos pay for his manifold sins. Bonded to Corinne by their mutual desire, Hunter will have to decide how far he’ll go to end Dragos’s reign of evil—even if carrying out his mission means shattering Corinne’s tender heart.
(courtesy of amazon)

RELEASING TUESDAY!! (6/28) Deeper Than Midnight is book 9 in the series.  This might be the best Midnight Breed yet – it’s close in my eyes, I have loved Tegan, Nikolai and Dante’s books, but Hunter – just being who he is – captivates me.  Lara Adrian brings in a different view on Vampires - she brings us THE BREED.  With an Ancient creation that gives the books their premise, Adrian manages to keep the series living strong in this latest installment.  Adrian doesn't hold back in her writing, every emotion is poured in and retched out of you; plot, mystery, intrigue, and romance can only lead to one thing - a book you have to read!

Hunter is the poster boy for rehab/reform, he's also like a machine as he is a trained soldier and carries out his orders.  Never in a million years did you expect him to fall in love.  Given his past I couldn't wait to see him get his own book.  Adrian gives you extreme warriors - Hunter is no exception - his perception of people, his ruthless fighting and his matter of fact kills - Corinne couldn't have a better bodyguard.  But she is no wimp - she's a survivor - drug from Dragos confines she's out for revenge.  (Might be light SPOILERS BELOW -- skip to last paragraph if you are worried, I tried to stay simple) 

There is the right amount of riveting romance to go along with the constant search to destroy Dragos.  In this book, the Order is tossed upside down and the birth of their first child in the compound is on his way.  We're so close to defeating Dragos but his sleeves are full of tricks.  All the while Hunter is off on his mission to safely return Corinne home, of course there is some real 'action' going on between them and on their journey.  I loved how Adrian shows Hunter's softer insides as they are wrapped up in his hard edge exterior.  We all knew he had a heart for little Mira, but as he opens up and Corinne brings out his sensual side you don't want to miss it.  You have to remember, Hunter has lacked many things a typical male growing up has the benefit of - could Corinne give him what he needs? 

Adrian some how manages to keep so much going in this book.  There are twists and turns that definitely mimic a roller-coaster.  As you close the book, you are stuck hanging over the cliff.  Darker After Midnight can't come quick enough!  So far only up to this book 10 is on the list - i'm hoping for more - Adrian gives us a glimpse at a few new warriors we might see...let's keep our fingers crossed.

6 slices

Entice Me at Twilight by Shayla Black

Entice Me at Twilight (The Doomsday Brethren, Book 4)The Doomsday Brethren fight their mortal enemy for the newest weapon in a bloody magical war: the one woman a warrior shouldn’t claim . . . yet can’t resist.
Dangerously handsome Simon Northam, Duke of Hurstgrove, and his uptight brother Mason are hardly close, but crashing Mason’s wedding and stealing his fiancĂ©e further aggravate their sibling rivalry. Duke’s family has no notion he’s a wizard, so how can he explain that magickind’s fate lies with the beautiful, tenacious bride he longs to seduce? Felicia is an Untouchable, a rare human whose presence disables magic—even the impenetrable forces surrounding Morganna le Fay’s tomb. The evil witch’s malicious powers could propel nefarious wizard Mathias to ultimate world domination . . . if he can resurrect her. To conceal herself, Felicia must succumb to her smoldering desire for Duke, but he risks binding his life—and sanity— to a lover whose loyalties are forever torn. He faces a choice: betray his brother for ultimate survival . . . or lose the woman who tempts him beyond control. (courtesy of amazon)

Did you catch a theme with this Doomsday Brethren series?  It's AWESOME!  Shayla Black gives us Book 4 in the series - Entice Me at Twilight.  I try not to give too much of the plot away in my reviews, I'm not sure I can continue to hold back.  You'll see from the prior 3 books, she packs action, erotica, and suspense into each book.  

So far Black has created a group of smart, sexy, heartthrob wizards.  There is every persona you could hope for; from the proper aristocrat, the hard core bad ass, the lost love, to the avenged warrior, the fearless leader and every one in between.  I fell instantly in Book 1 for Ice and Shock as they were introduced.  Ice had his book (book 3) and in each one Black gives us just a bit more of Shock.  A tidbit here, a reminder there; I can not wait for his book! I have a feeling I'll be waiting a long time. We can't forget the mates, the women behind the men.  They are pivotal to the protection of the Doomsday diary.  Each mate coming into the team just as powerful as her male.  (even more so)  
I'm still amazed at how Black gives you so much in each book, the main romance, the captivating battles, and the side stories that are set up for so many of the characters.  

Coming off book 3 Lucan and Anka are still at wits, keeping the desire to see the outcome of their relationship maxed in our thoughts; and of course for me, what will that be for Shock.  Picking up right where we left off, Black gives us Duke (Simon) and adds in an unexpected woman with a tremendous power.  I found this book fresh life, I loved Black's use of Duke's paparazzi world to incorporate the relationship with Felicia.  

As Felicia realizes just how much of her past she has to come to terms with, Duke is there to push her to the ultimate level.  Counting on the ability to love in order to be saved, Black keeps the saga alive.  We can't forget Black's signature steam - erotic scenes are her specialty.  Mathias is not gone, as he continues to cause chaos and leave death where ever he has been.  Once again, our brethren is at the top of the league.  Adding a twist, Black keeps you guessing if our leading couple will end up in their happily ever after.  As you end - - you've got one of the best cliff hangers with Anka...

If you still haven't tried this series - get off your butt and get these books!

Possess Me at Midnight by Shayla Black

Possess Me at Midnight (The Doomsday Brethren, Book 3)
An apocalypse approaches in the new novel from bestselling author Shayla Black's electrifying Doomsday Brethren series, as a magical warrior and a spirited witch ignite a smoldering passion that could destroy them both. 
As a mysterious dark cloud drains the life of her beloved brother, Doomsday Brethren leader Bram, Sabelle Rion can think of little else. Still, every time she meets Ice Rykard's intense green gaze, her body aches with need for the sexy warrior. Their attraction is explosive, incredible -- and forbidden. As dangerous as he is unpredictable, Ice is her brother's sworn enemy. But as Bram weakens, a more sinister force is gaining power.
Evil Mathias and his ruthless Anarki army are on a bloodthirsty hunt for the Doomsday Diary. Sabelle must guard the potent book with her life -- and Ice vows to protect the beautiful witch with his. Duty demands that Sabelle deny her lover's fiery call of possession and mate with a man who can sway the magical Council against the impending rebellion. With the fate of magickind hanging in the balance, will she forsake the burning desires she can't ignore or turn her back on her people for the courageous man she can't resist? (courtesy of amazon)

Book 3 and Shayla Black is still coming on strong with this series.  So far, this has been my favorite.  The passion and denial between Sabelle and Ice, the battle and chase, the back story on both Ice and Bram, none of it was lacking.  Black delivers the same erotic passion between her lead characters.  Sabelle had me a little aggravated at times, but that's just because Ice is one of my favorite Brethren.  

Still in the midst of battling for their safety, Ice has the one piece that may lead them to victory.  His powerful weapon is right inside - amazing!  Finally Ice gets what he's longed for, in more ways than one.  I was on the edge of my seat as Mathias and Ice duke it out.  

Over and over again Black delivers in this series.  I love what I read, most of it anyway :), there are a few authors that command me to dig in and hold on to the book the way Black has done.  She's now on my must read list, up there with Kenyon, Hamilton, Dare, Ward, Adrian, Mead just to name a few.  

6 Slices

Seduce Me in Shadow by Shayla Black

Seduce Me In Shadow (The Doomsday Brethren, Book 2)When a villainous wizard escapes from exile, the devastatingly sexy Doomsday Brethren must defend all magickind in the spellbinding second book in bestselling author Shayla Black's seductive new paranormal series.
 Ex-marine Caden MacTavish has shunned his magical heritage all his life, but he will do anything to heal his desperately ill brother, a Doomsday Brethren warrior in mourning for his missing mate. Posing as a photographer, Caden must convince firecracker tabloid reporter Sydney Blair to reveal the source of her recent exposĂ© on a supernatural power clash. Unfortunately, keeping his hands off the sizzling redhead proves as hard as getting them onto the potent and mystical Doomsday Diary he discovers at her bedside. A bloody rebellion led by an evil, power-hungry wizard is imminent. If Sydney divulges the book's existence, she will jeopardize magickind's most deeply guarded secrets and become the ruthless wizard's number one target. Caden has never trusted magic's cruel and dangerous powers, but he will protect Sydney with his life and magic -- even if it means risking his heart(courtesy of amazon)

2nd in the Doomsday Brethren series, I was closing book 1 and opening this book moments later.  Black dives you right in to keep the momentum.  Seduce me in Shadow follows Tempt me (book 1) and keeps you engrossed in the series.  Some how Black manages to toss in little twists that keep you reeling for each one of the brethren in this book. 

Action comes only second to the steamy scenes between our leading wizard brother – Caden mixes the human soldier with the mysterious magic world all wrapped up in a hot package.  Sydney is one woman we can relate to, as she is working to be successful, prove herself, and gives that spunk when needed. 

As the romance unfolds, the story still holds onto the battle to keep the world – both magic and human – safe.  Wrapped up in it all is the choices Caden must make to protect his Sydney, his brother, and his brethren.  I say it again, Black twists up little stories for each of the boys and keeps you burning for more.

5 slices

Tempt Me with Darkness by Shayla Black

Tempt Me with Darkness (The Doomsday Brethren, Book 1)He's an immortal knight hungering for satisfaction....
As soon as Marrok sees Olivia Gray's dark windswept hair and burning violet eyes, he's sure they've met in eons past. He's felt her soft gentle curves writhing in pleasure beneath his own hard powerful body...Morganna! For centuries, towering Marrok, once the mightiest of King Arthur's warriors, has endured a terrible curse cast upon him when he spurned the witch.
She's a modern woman about to discover ancient magic....
Olivia shares a mystical -- and irresistible -- connection with brooding Marrok. Soon after the sexy warrior appears in her erotic dreams, he abducts her, demanding she uncurse him. Their intense passion is more powerful -- and intimate -- than either of them has ever known. Olivia may be the key to unlocking the diary that will break Morganna's hold on his life. But in the wrong hands, the book also holds the power to destroy all magickind. As they search for answers, a ruthless wizard returned from exile is building an army of evil. When he discovers Marrok and Olivia have the diary, only their love -- with the help of a powerful group of magical Brethren -- can save them. (courtesy of amazon)

Shayla Black’s Doomsday Brethren series kicks off with a bang – Tempt me with Darkness is the first in the series. 

Immediate gripping read – I couldn’t let it go.  Marrok hits you hard with his vengeance and his passion.  Be it for the arts or his sexy leading lady, Marrok warms you right to the core.  Black doesn’t hold back with any of the erotic yums.  Olivia is thrust into the magic world and is one lucky girl to get her age old warrior. 

Pulling the series for mostly the magical world, Black keeps you interested with the heat and the battle.  Aligning a strange team of “brethren”, Black pulls in a delicious mix to combat the evil wizard.  Black definitely does hold out any of the casualties of war – she gives us a real series that thrusts you into the anguish of the situation.  Hot in my hands I flew through this book and couldn’t wait to pick up the next.  It was like an itch I had to scratch.  Favs – gotta be Ice and Shock…

Pick this one up as quick as you can! 5 slices

Friday, June 17, 2011


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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hunters Fall by Shiloh Walker - Book Tour

We had the pleasure of participating in the Hunters Fall Book Tour – organized by Book Vixen – one ARC of Hunters Fall toured the country – stopping by at 7 of our favorite blogs – be sure to check out all of our reviews -

And with out further a due –
Hunter's Fall (The Hunters)Hunters fallNessa lost her memory following a near-death experience. Dominic is a Hunter dealing with his own problems with memory and sanity. When the two are put together to battle the forces of darkness-while trying to restore what they've lost-their all-consuming passion becomes an even greater unknown.(courtesy of Amazon)

Shiloh won my heart with her Hunter series – I happened upon her over a year ago and couldn’t find these books quick enough.  Many of them are on ebook format and well worth grabbing.  Her first in the series, hits you right out of the park.  Walker is hands down one of my Top 5 best erotica authors.  She’s not afraid to take you places many won’t mention out loud.  From her first book, I can say I was hoping I would wake up as Tori J
Hunters Fall is the latest in the series – at book 13 (not counting the numerous shorts and standalones) – this series has been going strong.  In a group of “Hunters” that police the paranormal and normal worlds, we’ve seen the stories of our great leaders and our new members – except Nessa – the oldest member of the group.  This book finally takes us into her head and gives us a view of the sadness and devastation that Nessa has dealt with to run the Hunters.   
Over 500 years of missing the one she lost…and the world continues to take the ones she loves…she’s at her wits end…Dominic is torn in so many ways, and he can’t help feeling like he’s missing something or someone key.  As he becomes the only one that can help, the truth begins to unfold.  Of course, life would be easier if Nessa didn’t end up in the wrong body fighting to control her mind...
Having read the series from the start, I was so glad to get into Nessa’s character, but I missed a little of the intensity from the previous reads.  Not just in the erotica department, I missed the edge in the plot. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the book, but if this was book 3 instead of 13, I might not feel the same.  I’ve been with the series, and sometimes we need books like this to get over a hump in the entire story line.  I’m anxious to see where Walker leads us in the next book.  This book is a must read for those that have followed the series – we need Nessa’s story. 

On a personal note – My twins are named Dominic and Jazmin so I thought it cute this book contained both their names throughout. (dorky, but still found it funny)

3 Slices overall

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Prophecy of the Guardian by J W Baccaro

Prophecy of the Guardian"The Second Great War between the Light and the Dark has begun, and Abaddon the Demon Lord is searching for the four ancient Wizard Crystals of the Elements. Once the crystals are in his hands, and corrupted to evil, he will destroy the forces of Light upon the earth, and transform the world into eternal darkness.
But Darshun Luthais, one of the last Nasharin warriors, along with a few companions, set out on a quest to find the crystals first. Along the journey they encounter giant six-legged serpents, the ruthless Cullach, and other entities of darkness; yet the most challenging obstacle is Darshun's constant struggle against temptations of evil, and his vow to hold to the faith of all who are calling him the Guardian - the prophesied warrior who will bring down the Demon Lord." (courtesy of prophecyoftheguardian website)

Impressive debut fantasy series will keep you on the edge of your seat!  
Tons of action, great plot, gripping writing style.  Baccaro steps in to the fantasy/sci fi world and will hopefully go to the top!  As Baccaro sets up the world between Humans and Nasharins and their enemy's the Cullach he doesn't overdo the details.  You picture exactly what you need to, and it's not pages of boredom.  As soon as you open the book you're in the world, he brings in the backstory as you go along, tossing fights and suspense in between.  Well done!
I loved that this book covers the span of a little less than 20 years as we watch Darshun (Dar) grow.  Baccaro sets up Dar where you can relate to him and at the same time want to smack a little sense into him. :)  Dar's got great potential as a warrior and as a character I loved him.  (Seth and Mirabel too!  yeah, really like them LOL - ladies if you are looking for this to be a romance from a lot of the other stuff we read, that's not the deal, but you won't be disappointed because it's a great read. and I can appreciate the leading men *winks*) 
As the battles unfold, Baccaro keeps the story going with the suspense of the prophecy.  He tosses in a twist at the end of the book that had me screaming at Dar.  I loved the cliffhanger as you drop off at the end.   Book 2 - Seige of Darkness (also out at amazon) is in my hands already - I've got to see where Dar is going!
4 slices