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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dakota Cassidy, er...Nina Blackman-Statleon's Visit (and giveaway)

As promised, we have Dakota Cassidy here today talking about the latest book she's working on for her Accidental series.  Well, actually she sent Nina!   So without further ado, I'll let Nina get to it!  

 Wherein Nina Gets A Sister

Nina Blackman-Statleon here with a rant on writers and their crazy quest to keep a series going at all costs.

In some cases, it’s at my cost. Actually, now that I think about it—it’s almost always at my expense. More on that later. 

First, let me introduce myself. I’m the second accidental in Dakota Cassidy’s series about women who’re accidentally bitten by all sorts of paranormal creatures. I was once a court reporter, got downsized, tried to supplement my lost income by selling Bobbie Sue Cosmetics, thus hookin’ me up with the most annoying efftard on the planet, Marty Flaherty. Dakota finally gave up on trying to get me to talk color wheels and lip plumping products to anyone in the free world who would listen, and she gave me a real job. As a dental hygienist. No. Fluoride and tartar aren’t glamorous, but it was a damn job. With bennies. No sooner was I there than I was “accidentally” (rolls eyes), bitten by a hot dude named Greg while I was just trying to do my job.

Okay, fine. The hot dude became my lifemate—but I went through some serious madassery before she was done with me and I got the guy. And I was only book 2.

So, add in the subsequent books where I’m doing all sorts of crap I wouldn’t if I had a choice. Like have friends. Shop with said friends Marty and Wanda at designer outlet malls. Hang out and hook up for lunch. Lunch I can’t even flippin’ eat. When Dakota really got the ball rolling, all of a frickin’ sudden I was meeting demons and having fireballs lobbed at my person. Then, to my utter effin’ shame, I was forced to be kind to complete strangers who’ve had a stupid “accident” like the one’s I mentioned above while I answered phone calls at this place she created titled OOPS. Out In The Open Paranormal Support. It’s a 1-800 hotline for morons who’re in paranormal crisis.

All of a sudden, I’m a paranormal crisis counselor who’s supposed to be “nurturing” when someone calls to tell me they have an oversized paw or some scales. Nurture this, I say.

To say Dakota strains credibility is like saying the tornado didn’t have a good time in the trailer park. And c’mon. What a lame premise for a bunch of books, and while I know I’m not alone in saying that (read some of this broad’s Amazon reviews), apparently, I’m in the minority. What is wrong with people?

Anyway, suffice it to say things have gone okay for her madness and she’s working on books 6 and 7 in the series right now. Book 6 is called Accidentally Dead… Again. I know, I know. She already did vampires, but here we fargin’ go again.

Anyway, this is the book where not only does she have her first ever male accident occur (his name’s Sam McLean, and okay—he’s cute. Whatthehellever). He’s bitten by a woman he thinks is just dressed up as a vampire at a Halloween party, then dumped on OOPS’ doorstep—still in his Halloween costume—his drag Halloween costume. It’s also the book where I get a sister (bleh). A half-sister, if you want to be technical, that falls on Sam during a throw down with me and is turned into a vampire, too.

And I just wanna say, I’m not skipping through fields of buttercups about it.

Dakota calls this evolution. She said nothing ever stays the same and that all of the characters and plots have to evolve. I say she’s overrated evolution, and if evolving means I have to have a whiny, mouthy, dresses like Marty, pain in the ass for a sister, screw evolution!

But as you all know, I don’t have a choice in the matter. I’m her puppet, people. Just a playa in the master plan. 

So my question to all of you is, what the hell is next? These next two books only mean more asshattery for me. So for the love of God, when do we call it “end game” and quit clinging to this stupid concept? How much longer do I have to suffer for you readers and your idea of amusement? 

So I’m secretly here to beg you all for a favor. Don’t tell Dakota or for sure, this next book, I’m doomed to have to do something huge like save the world as punishment for speaking out against her abuse. Heh. Maybe I’ll start my own support group. Like Characters For The Ethical Treatment Of Fiction. We’ll lodge complaints. Start a class action suit against abusive writers. Maybe we can even get that Jacob from Twilight to come and speak out against shirtlessness every twelve seconds in a movie!

I digress.

Anyway, here’s the favor—quit buyin’ her books! Please. If not for my own sanity, then for your poor eyeballs and the future of all eyeballs that might mistakenly land on her idea of “junk food for the brain.”

In essence, save a downtrodden friggin’ character, ride somebody else’s book!

Nina Blackman-Statleon as written by Dakota Cassidy (the puppet master) J

Giveaway Details

There are two prizes to win. 

Prize #1
We are giving away a copy of Dakota's latest book, Accidentally Catty. 

Or, if you haven't started the series yet, we'll send you a copy of the first book - The Accidental Werewolf. 

Prize #2
Ms. Cassidy was awesome enough to offer a prize, too.  She's giving away the winner's choice of any mass market book that is already out.

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Good luck!! 


  1. Sorry but "Junk food for the brain" doesn't go to your hips, so just keep them comming Ms. Cassidy!alm49325@gmail.com

  2. I love the series, THANK YOU for writing them.

  3. Thanks for the giveaway. This series sounds fun.

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  8. These books sound like they would be fun reads. I have not read them yet but will have to check them out.

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  9. I love the series and especially like Nina's shoot from the hip approach to everything and I like to see her developing. Keep up the series please in spite of her requesting that you don't. Cheers!

    I follow Dakota on FaceBook as Norma Jean

  10. I agree that sometimes you should call it quits, try not to beat a dead horse. But I think if your only 7 books into a series, its a little early, especially if those books are by Dakota Cassidy!
    I follow Dakota on Facebook as Jennifer Hernandez.

  11. This is so cool, thanks for the chance to win

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  22. Thanks for asking! I think as long as a series is kept fresh--especially with new characters--and plot formulas, I'll keep buying. Nina is a hoot.
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  23. I have read and love this whole series so stop your bellyaching Nina!


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  24. Not gonna stop buying the books so just suck it up and prepare for the unknown that is Dakota.
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  30. I would love to read those books - I've heard great things about them, but haven't had the chance to read them yet...
    greetings, Ina

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  31. Dakota, never ever listen to Nina.

    Nina, smile and say "Thank you for making me famous" to Dakota.

    Now that the peacekeeping is done, LoL, I really, really love the commentary, and as someone who has her own amusing characters keeping her up at night, I'd like to know Nina, do y'all communicate and tell each other to irritate the "Puppet Master's" or is it just normal to drive us insane?

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  35. LOLLOL@mudepoz! Aw, happy birthday, darlin'!

    And everyone else, thanks for dropping by!

    Dakota :)

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    My sister just gave me book 2 to read, can't wait to start it and find the others!
    I will "like" you on facebook after work tonight and figure out how to follow on google friends connect.
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  40. LOL. Love the article.

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  41. Nina, I love this series so just shut it!

    Dakota, thank you for writing it. I can't read the books in public, 'cause I look like an idiot laughing alone!

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  42. Nina you are hilarious and I am glad Dakota wants to keep the series going. I Love book 1 and 2.

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    Thanks for the giveaways!

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    Great blog post today!!! :)

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  47. Heh...great blog post. Dakota's the best. ;)

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    LOVE Dakota and her books.

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    Nina is one of my fav characters; am I going to like her sister?

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  59. Thanks for the giveaway! I have not read the first book yet....


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  60. Thanks for the giveaway and great interview. This series is on my TBR list.

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  61. Oh Nina...stuff it. Dakota keep keep them coming. There is no one doing it, like you do. Amazing series. I am on your friend list on Facebook. Maybe you should start seeking a franchise by doing a Movie for each one of the books.....that would be amazing. Anyhoo....love ya ...love your writing style, and keep us laughing.

  62. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
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  63. Hey, Nina - long time, no snark, Darlin' :D

    I totally understand your gripes...and you KNOW I luvz ya, but......I'vebeenfriendswithDakotalongersoIhavetosupportallherstoryefforts. (Yes, I figured if I got that out really, really fast, you might miss the point...and no, I'm not riffing on your fangs. ~grin~)
    And yes, this means I complied with all the requirements for the drawing, too. I signed up with FriendConnect as Geek Gyrl Friday; and you know I was one of the first to "Like" Lady D on Facebook, ever so long ago (yes, I'm still Justine Greene on FB, Nina - it cost too much to get "Greene" back, so it's not going anywhere. LOL)
    But you stay strong, Lady, and maybe D won't make you save the world. Look on the bright side; she might even let you steal candy from a baby ... or Marty...in one of the next books. LOL

  64. I enjoyed Nina's post, she's a cranky one.

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  65. Hi! Hi! Just stopping by to ask what happened this time? Nina fall out of bed this morning? She sounded grumpier than usual! I don't know how the sister can be turned in a smackdown unless that old myth about getting pregnant by sitting on a toilet seat is true. "- )
    Also, what is Google Friend Connect?? Never heard of it.
    Well, I happen to like the books so I will keep reading them and "junkfooding" my brain. Not entering the contest cause I've got both books and this way someone else can get them! "- )

  66. 1) I am following Seduced by Books (GFC: Skyla11377).

    2) I already Like Dakota Cassidy on facebook (Facebook: Raquel Vega-Grieder).

    3) I loved Nina Blackman-Statleon's rant, I mean visit....LOL. Dakota has such a great imagination. Just from talking to her I Twitter she has me in stitches. I have been dying to read her Accidental Series for a long while so PLEASE enter me into this giveaway.


  67. Totally awesome! I am following on both GC & FB. My name is Veronica Jarvis(ariyana9501). I'd love either of these books....they sound great!

  68. I am a follower of Dakota Cassidy on FB!: ave.azar@gmail.com
    I love Dakota's books they are so funny and the premise is so fun. I think it's weird when people criticize books for having an unreasonable plot line. It's called fiction and frankly real life has more weird crap than this series! So in that sense I would have to disagree with Nina however I'm not being controlled by a puppet master... or am I?

  69. I think there is something inside a writer that tells you when it's time to quit. The character speak to you and only you can hear them. Then when you put it on paper the rest of us get to enjoy it. But somewhere in your heart will tell you when it's time to quit. Just an opinion, I'm not a psychic or anything like that. No special powers here Drat! Thanx Joni

  70. Crap - I wanted to be responder "69" cause you know, that's Nina's favorite number....and mine. I bet Nina would love to have a baby or two or THREE...can you imagine what her kids would tell people? Yep, she needs a station wagon also - and night time soccer for the kiddies!

    DC you are such a hoot and I love every word you write...so, Accidentally Fairy - Bk 62...keep em' coming!
    Gina Growe in Springfield, IL

  71. Sorry Nina. We all love the books too much to quit buying them. :)

    I already have the whole series, so I won't enter for the prizes. Let someone who doesn't have them yet have a chance to win them.

  72. I'm reading Accidentally Catty now and it is going to be a long wait for Accidentally Dead...Again to come out! Shame on you teasing me like this! Love u Dakota & Nina.

  73. If I disagree with Nina, am I next to have an accidental vampire changing? Just wondering... Nina, at least your other half is hot. Dakota could have made him a troll. If that was the case, then you would have a REAL complaint.

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  74. Awesome giveaway!

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  76. Hi Dakota,

    I have not read any of your books but I have heard good reviews about them. Since I have been stressing at work, it might be a good time for me to start and get a good laugh to put things back into perspective.

  77. Read your books and always enjoy! Follow on FB and GFC

  78. A series should always end while you're still selling books but hey, sounds like you're still doing okay. Maybe a spinoff? You are funny as heck. stormvikki@aol.com aka Vikki Parman

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  83. Hey there! I'm glad everyone is having fun with the visit.
    A couple people weren't sure about Google Friend Connect. Up near the top right of the blog page is a section called "Followers" with a button you can click to click to follow. (it's above the Networked Blogs section and below "Follow us other places" section). That's Google Friend Connect! :)

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  86. Oh, you guys have rocked the casbah here! You'e all awesome--thank you, thank you!

    DC :)

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  97. Ok, I've got a team set up to bind and gag Nina and toss her ass in a closet. No way are we ready for DC to call it quits on this series. OMG, I alone offered at least a dozen new titles that she could run with. There are so few paranormals out there that cause you to spew your coffee that this series must go on! And anyone who lets Nina out of the closet----- got you in my sights, we clear on that?


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