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Monday, March 21, 2011

Hara's Legacy Resonance Mates by Bianca D'arc

Hara's Legacy: Resonance Mates, Book 1It's a serious game of cowboys and aliens when three psychically gifted brothers try to protect the one fragile, empathic woman who holds all their hearts against a menacing alien threat.
First in the Resonance Mates series.
Montana rancher Caleb O'Hara's precognitive abilities saved his family from an alien attack that annihilated almost everyone on Earth. Now the aliens have come to study the remnants of humanity. Caleb knows the only way to ensure the safety of his young wife, Janie, and his beloved brothers, Justin and Mick, is to keep the family together on their isolated ranch.
All three O'Hara brothers love Jane. They grew up next door to the young, empathic beauty and she stole all their hearts at one time or another, though she married Caleb. Caleb foresees the shocking truth of what they have to do in order to survive, and Caleb's visions never lie.
They'll have to come to terms with a new world, and an evolving relationship, all while finding a way to protect two newborn babies who are innocent pawns in the aliens' deadly game. Somehow, this one talented family holds the key for humanity's survival on this new, conquered world called Earth.(courtesy of Amazon)

Holy Cow!  This book is HOT - I am surprised my Kindle didn't melt!  Book 1 in a series I can only imagine heats the scifi world in ways you would never imagine.  

I found D'arc first from her Brotherhood of Blood Series.  The Vampire series was short, sizzling, and solid (read it to figure out just how solid :) ).  When I found this series, I had to grab it.  

I enjoy sci-fi as long as it keeps me going.  Well, this rev'd me up and never took me down.  Not only did it have *clears throat* 3 on 1 that was well written but it had a plot to go with it.  There was burst of closeness and emotion, discovery of the world after an invasion from "aliens" and then of course there was the 'ridin' and we're not talking about horses or motorcycles!

Jane definitely gets her cake and .... well you know!  I love how D'Arc displays the 3 brothers each in their own way exactly what she needs and how they have to come together in order to 'save' the world.  I wavered a little on the idea of how Jane settled with Caleb, I just thought Caleb's guilt is well needed!  I did appreciate how the story unfolds and not only with the smex, but with the idea of what's required of Justin and his twist in the whole thing.

If you are looking for hot, grab it.  If you enjoy sci-fi, jump on and enjoy the ride - pun intended

3 slices

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