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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hit List by Laurell K Hamilton

Hit List (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book 20)A serial killer is hunting the Pacific Northwest, murdering victims in a gruesome and spectacular way. The local police suspect "monsters" are involved, and have called in Anita Blake and Edward, U.S. Marshals who really know their monsters, to catch the killer.(courtesy of Amazon)

Book 20

If you’ve read my page (Jenn) on this site then you know Anita Blake (Laurell K Hamilton) is one of my favorite series/chics/authors.  If you are up to Book 20 in this series, you know how far we have come. I’m not delusional, I know there were a few books in the series that were out there, but overall I love Anita and her boys. 

Hamilton takes a small/petite woman and gives her a personality of a bull, add in that she can back the attitude up with some kick ass fighting and killing skills and you can’t go wrong with Anita.  Now – Anita has evolved and sacrificed her virtues for love.  Let me tell you – I love her boys – she’s collected them, and while some people think it’s too many, (hell, Anita thinks she’s got a lot) I say – HECK YEA!  Bring them on!  I’ve got my favorites – Micah, Jean Claude, Nathaniel, Jason! Anita is one lucky girl, but it has not come without a price. 

Ok, back to this book – Hit List – Edward and Anita are friends – they will never be lovers, and that’s the way I think it needs to stay.  Regardless, they work together like a well oiled machine.  Who better for the US to have on their side to catch the monsters?  As Edward and Anita are brought together to solve the mystery – Anita is at the center of a threat – so they have to find the killers and keep her safe.  This book keeps largely to the mystery and suspense of the storyline. (Those of you that did not like all the erotic yummies of past books will get a small reprieve) Edward brings in his trusted ‘friends’ Olaf and Bernardo to aide.  Olaf tops himself in this book.  Although I do love the crazy love fests, I wasn’t disappointed in this book.  Hamilton does a stellar job of feeding the plot. 

As they work together they learn that perhaps Marmee Noir is at the front of the threat on Anita.  Marmee wants her body.  Bring in some of Anita’s trusted body guards (not all her lovers) and Anita thinks she is safe.  Marmee pulls out all the guns and Anita is face to face with losing herself.  Finally embracing her heart and herself Anita has to see if she can stay alive.  Hamilton ends it with an intense twist.  Holy crap – as if he isn’t bad ass enough, Olaf tops it…

If you edged out of the series – COME BACK!  It’s only getting better and better.

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