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We decided to create a place where we could direct friends, and acquaintances for, book suggestions/recommendations (Jenn’s been known to talk to strangers on the train while traveling in NYC). Once we started out with a simple page, we evolved from there. Now we are sharing our book reviews, fun comments, recipes, and giveaways. We try to give reviews on new releases, pre-releases, and oldies but goodies that we read, or are reading. We’re going to be adding author interviews for established and up and coming authors soon.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Image by Jamie Magee

There is an ominous darkness, one that that is so dense and mind numbing that you can feel the chills race across your skin as the energy of the hatred behind it hovers near you. They thought that it was over…that he was dead….they never imagined that he was more powerful dead than he ever was alive.

A war is on the brink of erupting in the dark dimension of Esterious, the victory Willow had a few days ago was nothing less than vague memory. With each thought she has she fights the images of Drake’s dark eyes, his words… his promises. Doubt seeps into her soul as she stares forward and what could only be the hardest battle she has faced thus far.

Venus is meant to be the planet of love and peace….but when it falls into retrograde its influence changes. Matters of past relationships will surface; choices will be made with the mind and not the heart. Gateways to an evil that cannot be fathomed will open. Willow and Landen’s only defense is to hide their family away, and lock themselves in the palace that was once ruled by Donalt. The energy is heavy and dark within these walls…there is a presence that lingers and strikes at will. Cruel illusions are placed before Willow, but that is not even hardest part…what is hard is standing in room with Drake and Landen and listening to others tell you of lives that you cannot recall…for them to tell when and how you are going to die.
Every prediction and theory is about to be proven wrong…and the choice before Willow’s heart holds the lives of millions at stake. The question is will be she be able to see through the illusions before her and make a choice…she can live with? (courtesy of goodreads)

Book 3 in the Insight Series.

Over the top intensity drives this book!  I LOVED it!  Once I started - it was hard to put it down.  We've been so closely wrapped up in Landen and Willow - all the while - there's DRAKE!  Finally, in a battle to rip the scabs off those wounds and retch your emotions, we have IMAGE.  I love Landen and Willow together, don't want it to end, however, I love DRAKE - I'm not saying to put Willow and Drake together, but this book dives hard into Drake.  Thank you Jamie!!!!   Amazingly the three must figure out their destiny!

I think that Landen is so strong emotionally and Drake is so strongly in tune with his emotions - what's the difference - well Landen is comfortable, he expresses himself, he's at one with Willow.  Drake, well he acts out of emotion not matter if it's misplaced, and still he keeps it together.  I can't explain it!  I love them both!  The private conversations with Drake and Willow in this book - - still giving me the chills - Jamie does it with her books everytime - and that's a good thing.  I'm so right in the middle of the story.  

Jamie doesn't just write, but she knows her astrology and stars - I love that she has done her research - there's so much in this series that shows the level of time it's taken to put together this world.  

MAN!  I just can't get some of the comments Drake made out of my head.  And Dane - oh Dane - well, you just need to read this book!  

Jamie - Well done - XOXOXO - thank you for this one - it's the topped the other two.  I'm so emotionally vested in Landen, Willow and Drake :) ! 

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  1. Looking forward to this one if its the best. Just finished the first book and really liked it :)