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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tainted Blood by Joann I. Martin Sowles

Tainted Blood is the third installment in The Brookehaven Vampires series:

Laney’s life is suddenly tangled by deceit, and as she tries to pull her past, present, and future together, she finds herself and her friends fighting for their lives. Thrown into the midst of a conflict that has been brewing for centuries—a conflict that no mere human should be anywhere near—Laney and her friends will discover that the mythical creatures of lore are not so mythical after all.

As Carter and Kiera’s relationship moves forward, Laney and Oliver’s becomes strained…confusing…dangerous.

Laney would have never thought Oliver was capable of causing such pain, such heartache, such fear. When he becomes a danger to everyone they know, especially her, Laney must make the choice to save herself, or those she loves.

As if this weren’t enough, a visit from Oliver’s brother could bring Laney’s life to a tragic end.(courtesy of Amazon.com)

Sowles is an independent author that also publishes her own work.  As such if often takes a little while between releases, and I am always jumping when I hear she has a new book coming out to be able to continue to read Oliver and Laney's story.  As the third in the series, I felt this book moved pretty quick seeing as we know most of our characters.  I also think that having some of the 'real' young adult drama come into play connects you to the supernatural characters involved.  I'm not going to discuss the 'drama' in particular, so you'll have to grab the book :).

Laney and Oliver have been trying to just get some time to themselves and not have to deal with the craziness of Oliver's world.  I felt their pain as they continue to get pulled apart.  Of course, as Sowles brings in this side of Oliver we have not seen and we end up with issues flying left and right you are definitely turning those pages to find out what happens next.  Carter is one of my favorite characters.  He has some interesting situations to deal with and I was probably as anxious as the characters in the book to find out the results. 

We continue to see more characters lives unfold and the story moves as a really good pace. 

Overall I enjoyed Book 1 - Book 2 moved fast but had a couple of turns I wasn't sure about, and Book 3 really brought things back around.  Great YA read, enjoy the path I think I see Sowles going with quite a few characters.  Can't wait for some more Laney and Oliver and Carter.

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