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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Vital by Jamie Magee

Willow’s journey continues in VITAL, the fourth book in the INSIGHT series. Combating a crumbling family life, a circle of suddenly inconsiderate friends who seem determined to anger her, and a plethora of emotional trials too numerous to withstand, Willow feels overwhelmed. She has pushed herself beyond her own limits and in so doing has closed her mind. Dreams are no longer coming to her.

As she deals with this tumultuous environment, Willow also notices a change in her beloved. Once her source of support and compassion, Landen is suddenly filled with a newfound rage. Fierce and possessive, he forces Willow to wonder whether the bliss of their love has faded away, or if something darker is affecting Landen’s soul. Always watchful of Willow, Drake sees this change and the growing rift between the pair. Both he and Willow remember all too well what happened during Venus’s passing; will Drake take advantage of Landen’s compromised emotions?

Amidst all this turmoil, Willow finds herself obsessed with finding her: the elusive twin. The girl who looks exactly like Willow, and who must be Drake’s soul mate. Willow knows in her heart that to find this girl will remove a tremendous weight from her shoulders, clearing her mind and heart. But a mysterious warning about the chart of her past forces her to consider this course carefully.

And she must consider it soon. Even now, Mars approaches and Willow’s most important battle is at hand. Will she finally break beneath the torment the universe has set upon her, or will she stand beside her friends and loved ones as Mars unleashes its wrath? (courtesy of Amazon.com)

This is my FAVORITE book so far in the series, and maybe in total by Jamie Magee.  Each time I crack a book open from her it's better than the previous book.  Magee has an enormous talent and I am thrilled that she is writing and publishing books.  I am completely in the Insight world when I read, I've said this before about her books, but it's one of the best explanations.--- When I complete a book by Jamie Magee, I literally have to blink a few times to come back to reality.---  I have a hard time putting one of Magee's books down and Vital was one that I didn't put done until I finished. This is a series that can not go ignored.  As the 4th book in the series Magee has already set up our characters and their world which is freshly intertwined with astrology/zodiac; yet in this book I felt like I was falling in love with the characters all over again. I felt this is a pivotal book for what is to come from Magee.

Drake's character speaks to me, so I can never get enough of him.  Willow has grown as we enter this 4th book, we can see her actions are more planned.  This is a tangled situation for Willow, Landon and Drake, but for them to survive they have to find a way to make it work.  I am desperately waiting for Drake to find his soul mate, he is my favorite character in the Insight series.  Magee also writes a series called See (currently there are 2 books out in this series) which has a slightly different basis - the easily explanation I have is revolving around music and souls which I think go together very nicely.  (Potential Spoiler) Insight and See are starting to intertwine which further shows Magee's talent to bring the 2 worlds together.  Magee's character development and concepts are off the charts.

As such Magee gets 6 slices for Vital.  I am anxiously awaiting the next book Vindicate - Out Jan 11 2013

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