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Sunday, May 29, 2011

EMBODY - Released today - Sequel to Insight by Jamie Magee

Embody ( A Young Adult Paranormal Romance) (Insight Series)
COME JOIN THE PARTY - the release party of the latest from Jamie Magee - EMBODY
We've had the pleasure of becoming friends with author Jamie Magee.  She's written Insight and the new sequel Embody.  

Embody is released today - visit Amazon to get a copy (link below) - if you haven't read the first, Insight, you are missing out.  
Luck was on our side when we received an ARC of Embody, all I can say is Captivating! We willl be posting our review later - can't give you all the fun at 1 time
A few of us blogs have gotten together to give Jamie the third degree on her books and herself.  Enjoy!!! (check back tomorrow for a guest post from Jamie to continue the fun)

JM: Hi everyone! This is absolutely amazing. I cannot wait to answer each of these questions. I’ve always loved how FB brings together not only friends and family, but leads us to new found friends that we would have never known otherwise!

Best Books:  How did you get the idea for Insight?
JM: I honestly feel like Insight found me. I had a craving for a unique love story that held paranormal elements that I have always found fascinating. In the beginning I only saw Willow ~ she in turn told me her story.    

Seduced by Books: I personally love how you have done this series about astrological signs, unconditional love, love conquering all, and yet it's not 'sappy' what gave you your inspiration to go that route?? 
JM: We all enjoyed the fairy tales when we were growing up ( I still love to read them to my daughter) the ones where the poor girl was alone or mistreated - then her prince rescues her and swifts her away and they live ‘happily every after’ . Well, the Scorpio inside of me wanted to know what went on in the every after – as adults or even as teens we know that life is imperfect. Each of us face an unpredictable world every day. When we first fall in love it’s easy to forget our worries, but then the initial bliss fades (somewhat) - we are still deeply in love – but we have to face the world. The love story between Willow and Landen is not one where you have to question if these two belong together. The question is what happens in the ever after. 
I think the mind set of living in this ever after took the ‘sappy’ just fell in love element out of the Insight Series ( although at times you will still see this between Willow and Landen) and allowed the challenge of facing the world as a couple to come to life. 
When I was originally looking for an element to thread through my conflict I thought about the seven sins. One day, in the very beginning of this experience, I was asking for help on my writing style. The very nice man that was coaching me asked – if I had passion for the seven sins. I told him that I didn’t – that honestly I was having a hard time really grasping them. He told me that if I did not feel a passion for that conflict then my readers never would – then he strongly suggested that whatever conflict element I added was one that completely captivated me.. I did not have to ponder this question for long – I’ve always been fascinated with Astrology. It is a science that has endless possibilities in both the love side of Insight and the conflicts that my characters face

Peace, Love, Teen Fiction: How much research did you do for your book? Was it hard or did you enjoy it?
JM: I completely enjoyed the research I did. The string theory is something that is truly studied – the element of alternate dimensions is just one of the many aspects the theory suggests. The ideas behind this theory are extremely fascinating and can cause anyone’s imagination to run wild. Looking into the Zodiac was almost like a personal awaking. I admit that I have barely begun to grasp the oldest science in the world, but I can’t help but find it odd how certain personality aspects are often reflected in our birth charts.

All Things Books: While writing do you require silence and to be left to your own devices or do you prefer it to be on the louder side with people around?
JM: Silence is not really a word in my vocabulary J Even if I write in the dead of night while my family is sleeping I have my headphones in and music blaring!

Taking it One Book at a Time: Which character gave you the most trouble when writing? (i.e. changed appearances, personalities, turned into an asshole, lol)
JM: I have to say Drake. Every good book has a villain - the one that everyone is meant to hate, but I couldn’t hate him. As Drake developed throughout the series it easy to see why I had the emotion from the very beginning. This character is very charismatic, gorgeous, and powerful – but he also has a different side that he will slowly reveal. I will tell you this – I’m glad I do not have to make the decisions that Willow Haywood does!

Seduced by books: Speaking of Drake - Drake holds a special place in my heart - don't get me wrong I love Willow and Landen, but there is something about Drake that moves me - what hints can you give us about his future?
JM:“Drake MOVES me! - I remember clearly beginning to write the third book in the series ‘Image’ in December of 2009. I would have never ever ever ever chosen to begin a book at that time of year simply because life is so hectic around me – but I was haunted – I literally had no choice. Drake Blakeshire not only took over my day dreams he took over every waking/sleeping moment of my life. His presence was so powerful in ‘Image’ that once it was complete I had no choice but to go back to Embody and properly introduce his character. Drake’s magnetism, power ,and mystery continues to not only haunt me but our leading lady – Willow Haywood.”

My Home Away From HomeDescribe your book in 5 words or less.
JM: This is such a hard question because I’m so bashful – umm lets go with this:

An addicting, compelling love-story.( at least I can say this is my goal description!)

Love Fantasy NovelsIf you could be one character from your books who would you be?
JM: I love them all, but I want to say Willow simply because the private moments between her, Landen, and Drake are the ones that seem to drive the story forward. If I were any other character I would deeply miss the emotions and insight the three of these characters bring.

Book Lover 1989If you could write a novel with another author who would you choose and why?
JM: J.K Rowling – I simply love her in-depth imagination.

Bookies: Was it difficult to come up with a title for your book?
JM: In a way it was. I had called it ‘Gifted’ from the moment I began to write it, but after walking through the aisles of my local book store I discovered that title had been taken. I toyed with the idea of “Eight beyond the Sun and Moon” and countless others. I knew I wanted a one word title ( I don’t know why. I guess I was looking for simplicity) I went back and forth with my friends and family for weeks toward the publication day. One night I came home and handed my husband a list of possible titles. The expression on his face led me to believe he was not found of any of them. At that very moment the IPOD changed songs and now playing was “It ends to Tonight” by the All American Rejects. The last time I had heard that song was the night I’d written the ‘fight’ between Willow and Landen in Insight. As the course began to play my children began to sing along “Just a little Insight will make this right” my husband and I looked at each other and both said ‘Insight” at the same time. I’ve always found eerie that when you truly seek and answer you are always – even if by chance - led to the answer.

Bookaholics: How easy was it to write Embody after your experience with Insight?
JM: I have often referred to Insight as my ‘first child’ in the realm of writing. Every part of it was a learning experience. As I wrote Insight I had to discover who each of the characters were – the world they lived in. Understanding who they were made it easier to express their emotions and reactions as the story of Embody came to life. Embody and the stories beyond the first two were far easier to master.

YA Books: If you become leader of the world, what would be the first thing that you'd do with your power?
JM: Enforce the saying ‘pay it forward’ – is one of many steps I would take!
Book Reader Addicts: I know you have said before that with each book you are going to go more indepth with different characters. Do you have an order and how did you choose that order?
JM: I have no order in mind lol. The main story through book four ( I’m at the mercy of the rest of the stories) focuses around three main characters Willow, Landen, and Drake. Their circumstances do bring other characters into focus and allow the reader to discover them.
Just before I begin writing any story and sometimes along the way I will write down random ideas I have – it could be anything from a phrase or a description. At the end I always look back – and invariable discover that the path the story took was not what I had in mind in the beginning. It is hard to say who will come forth in the future but I look forward to discovering them with each of you.

Best books: How do you feel when you’re writing?
JM: Alive! It is the one thing I could do all day everyday and not expect anything in return. I love the rush of emotions – I’m sure it is quiet comical to watch me write – you will see everything from laughter to sadness– shocked expressions and anger. I’ve even been caught clapping.

Peace, Love, Teen Fiction: What is it like being a published author?
JM: To this day I have not been able to fathom the idea. In my mind I’m simply sharing my words with a large group of friends!

All Things Books: Who is your dream cast should Insight ever be made into a movie?
JM: I’ve been asked this before and I have yet to come up with an answer. I would hope that if this day came that the cast would be full of people who just needed one chance – that it would be their perfect ‘break’ and we would all indulge in the new found talent.

Taking it One Book at a Time: Who's the one author that can completely & utterly make you forget the outside world?
JM: J.K Rowling – I love love love her imagination.

My Home Away From Home: What is one question that you have always wanted to be asked in an interview? How would you answer that question?
JM: Ummm….what’s my favorite color???? – Purple J

Love Fantasy Novels: If you could have dinner with one famous person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
JM: I could go really deep here and reach back and say Nostrdamus – my purpose in this dinner would be to understand what he was ‘seeing’ when he made his prophecies – to apply them to modern life and debate the path of humanity. Or- I could just be real and say Ben Burnley – I love this musician. His lyrics have inspired scene after scene in my series – I would want to know what inspired him to write them in the first place, and of course – thank him!

Book Lover 1989: What are you top 5 favorite books/series of books?
JM: Hard List to come up with….
Redeeming love – Francine Rivers
Charlotte’s Web – EB White (we all have to start somewhere!)
The Notebook/ Wedding - Nicholas Sparks
Harry Potter Series – J.K Rowling
Romeo & Juliet – William Shakespeare

Bookaholics: Do you write to a soundtrack and if so,what music was your inspiration whilst writing Embody?
JM: Oh how I love music! Sometimes songs inspire writing and others simply remind me of the story. The Embody playlist I have now is:
My Never – Blue October
The Diary of Jane – Breaking Benjamin
Dear Agony – Breaking Benjamin
Point #1 - Chevelle
Bring Me to Life –Evanescence
Cold – Evans Blue
Eclipsed – Evans Blue
A Cross and a Girl Named Blessed – Evans Blue
Fair Fight – The Fray
Everything Will Be Alright – The Killers
Possibility – Lykke Li
Breathe Into Me - Red
All around Me - Fly Leaf

YA Books: If you were a superhero, what would be your superpower, what would your name be, and would you be a goodie or the baddie?
JM: Scorpion – power: emotions – I would be good (Wait – I feel like I know someone like this?!) Sorry… I tried to be unique – but as my daughter would say ‘I got nothin’ lol

Book Reader Addicts: Since I have already read Embody I have to know….when is the third book coming out? (No, rush or anything. LOL)
JM: I was so excited about the first reviews of Embody that I sent ‘Image’ to the editor the first week of May – I do not have a date set – but I can tell you it will be THIS year J

Jamie, again thank you so much. I can not wait to read more from you. Before when end this is there anything else you would like to tell you readers?
JM: I want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to share this daydream with me – it means more than I could ever express in words!

One last thing! Jamie has a surprise for you! Tell them Jamie!

I know we all love release dates and SWAG – so for Embody’s release each page will have a swag bag – complete with and ebook version of Embody! Good luck everyone and happy reading!

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