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Thursday, September 1, 2011



It is a pleasure to be here today as a part of Romancing your Dark Side tour! Jennifer was one of the very first reviewers of my Insight series and I’ve always considered myself lucky that she took an interest in my debut. Insight was my first attempt in writing and to be completely truthful the only reason it was published via ebook in the first place was for me to give my friends and friends of friends (or anyone who thought to ask me) a more polished version of my story. I never imagined that Insight would find readers across the globe or that I would be here today side by side with one of the characters that pushed me to write every day: my antagonist, Drake Blakeshire.

This will be my very first character guest post. When Jennifer asked to have Drake on this stop I was almost hesitant to consent because the Drake I know has not been completely revealed to the readers. He is very dynamic and every day he allows me to peer a little deeper into his soul. With each installment of the Insight series Drake seems to gain more ‘fans’ and I have no doubt that ‘team Drake’ fans are in for treat when my next novel, Image, is released in November.

 I realize that some of you reading this post have not yet read the story of Insight and I desperately want you to discover Drake Blakeshire on your own. With that begin said I decided to take your back to before the story began – just days before. As you read his words, stare into his dark captivating eyes, hear his deep commanding voice, and let a tall young man come to life before you – take in the flawless features that could only belong to a prince, a prince that was groomed to rule over every dimension in this universe.
Some people wonder what their purpose is – they question their dreams and the passion in their heart, but not me – no… I’ve always known – I’ve known since my first breath, since the first time I saw those mesmerizing emerald green eyes – since the first time I saw my love, my Willow in my dreams.

 As I lay here staring at this dark gray sky all I can think about is her…those eyes, flawless olive skin…I know when my fingertips touch her for the first time in this life she will feel the energy of my love, the passion I have for her…my touch…my warm numbing touch. My fingertips ache for the moment they will trace the mark on her wrist… that captivating tattoo of an Ankh – the mark that tells me that she understands that life is eternal…our love is eternal.

 I know she must worried about me, almost eight new moons have passed since I’ve met her in her dreams…I’ve been trying to prove to myself and anyone else who dares to doubt me that I was right…that she’s mine. Not seeing her has only made the dreams of our past more vivid, it as if the universes along with this dark forsaken dimension is mourning for our love, waiting for us to come together as one once again.

 There is a sense of ominous foreboding that is surrounding the palace. My mother hasn’t look me in the eye for days, my father he’s anxious…I would take the time to wonder why if I had  a free thought, but I don’t. Donalt, the most powerful ruler I’ve ever met, the only one in this dimension is always occupying my time with his random prophecies. I cannot remember a time in my life when he wasn’t just a few feet away – he has told me I will succeed him, that his thrown will be mine. I doubt him. He’s a demon, one that has ruled for over four million years. He’ll never fall…he has a sinister plan. I can feel it. Sometimes… I swear I hear him in my mind telling me what to do – what to say. I fight him with my memories, the ones of my dreams with Willow. My dreams of her are not always pleasant…I know…I know that we have fought and died together over and over, but this life will be different…it’s different because I will not let anything or anyone stop us from being together for eternity – even if that means making a deal with the devil himself. She’s mine.

 When I stand next to Donalt, before millions, I see the way they look at me – I see the pleading in their eyes. They want this grey hell to end and think that I will end it for them…I glance from one solemn expression to the next. Smiling…laughter… that is forbidden here, but I let my eyes fall into theirs…I stare into their empty souls and promise them that my time, Willow’s time, is upon us. I promise them that I will stop at nothing to bring her home. What happens after that point is no concern of mine…my purpose is to find her – to harness the power that our passion and love will release.

 The Blue Moon that falls on Willow’s eighteenth year…that is when this pain and anger of not having her near me will end. That is when the power will belong to us – when we will be unstoppable.

 We all have a plan for our life…but sometimes life has different plans for us. Drake, along with the other characters of the Insight series will soon discover that nothing is a simple as it seems.
 I truly hoped you all enjoyed stepping into the mind of Drake Blakeshire – I admit it was most defiantly fun for me. I want to thank Jennifer and Seduced by books one more time for having me here. Be sure to follow all of the authors on the Romancing Your Dark Side Tour for chance at endless giveaways and our grand prize – A kindle!

----Seduced by Books is glad to welcome Jamie once again (Thank you Thank you), and THRILLED to have Drake along with her.  I (Jenn) can honestly say when I read his post I had the chills – OOOH – If you have not read the Insight series (Insight and Embody) then you are missing out on a fan-tabulous series.  Click on the links to read our reviews.  Image (3rd in the series) is due out in a few months.   We are happy to be a part of the Romancing Your Dark Side Tour – www.vbtcafe.com and look forward to hosting 2 more authors on the tour.  

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